Just Believe In Yourself

My name is Char-Da'.I'm willing to listen even when you're not willing to share. Stay you. Stay beautiful.


[image description: 2 tweets from Chuks @Black_in_Asia

1: “My 12yo cousin today told me that she was sad because she isn’t beautiful because she isn’t light skinned.”

2: “I asked her if she had seen Lupita and how gorgeous she was, and it immediately changed her frown to a big smile. :) #ThePowerofRepresentation”]

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Photoshopping does more than alter our sense of body image in terms of weight. It also portrays false ideals of skin pigment.

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Uplifting dark-skinned women to be seen as equally beautiful as their lighter counterparts is NOT synonymous with hating light skinned women.

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*purposely drop something in front of my crush*


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